bears making love in Rust <3

:frowning: guess i’m too late.

:stuck_out_tongue: couldn’t link the picture properly, will try to get it back :stuck_out_tongue:


This bear wanted to be a gofer

Edit: Resized for your enjoyment

Reuploaded :stuck_out_tongue: just click it for bigger size :wink: enjoy

D:! This should be on the adult section…

Nick, get off the forums :smiley:

whats the crosshair command ? o_o

Nah, I wont :smiley:

I would like to know that aswell :stuck_out_tongue:
Probally aimbot tho ^.-
Or an add_on, still OP stuff, me like ^^

That would be some sneaky Photoshop mastery :stuck_out_tongue:

well, I suppose you can find the center of your screen, and create your own “+” with paper :smiley:

Nice Crosshair ThirdParty

dat CH

How did you get the Cross hair?

There are external programs that make a crosshair appear on your screen. Although it’s cheating to be honest.

Overlay/Editing files.


Yep screenshot saved, and will be reported