Bears Spawn Inside Your House?

Is this normal? I have a small house I’ve built on my own server. I am the only player on it. I have two doors, both with locks. I was inside my house, both doors locked, and left the game. When I came back the next day, I had been killed by a bear and lost everything I had. I couldn’t open the doors because my keys are gone. I can’t craft anything. I ended up having to smash down a wall to get out, but this is messed up.

Why are animals spawning inside houses? Why build houses if there is nowhere you can be safe when logged out? Why do you even remain on the map if you are logged out? Shouldn’t you disappear?

When you log out, you sleep on the floor unless the server has sleepers disabled. Welcome to alpha testing.

Haha! That’s the dumbest “feature” I’ve heard of in a long time. Good thing I have PvP disabled. And what about bears spawning inside your house? Is this “welcome to alpha too?”

Maybe you should go play a different game that isn’t in Early Access if that’s your attitude. Peggle is a blast.

I just asked a simple question whether this was normal or not. Is this the attitude you always have with paying customers?

And well over two years in alpha is a pretty long time for a game not to have even the basics figured out. I was going to be buying more copies of this game for friends, but I’m glad I stopped here first.

Elix is not affiliated with facepunch in any way; he’s just a gold member on the forum. Sleepers is one of the greatest feature of this game but you can disable it. And yes the animals going inside bases is retarded; try to sleep on the second floor instead of floor level. Also yes the alpha excuse has been overused.

lmao, I’m not a dev, you’re not a “paying customer” of mine.

Early Access means you’re playing an unfinished game. Animals can walk through walls right now; log out on a second floor instead of the ground floor. This is not intended to stay this way forever but the devs have bigger priorities to tackle first.

You sleep on the floor when you log out. This is a core Rust feature that’s been around for ages. Depending on the server setting, your body disappears after a while; this prevents combat logging.

PvP disabled also means you can’t stop someone if they raid your base. You can’t shoot them so you just have to watch them stealing your stuff.

Thank you. I am glad he doesn’t represent the company. The attitude is unbelievable.

I was on the second floor of my house and it is very small. It is built under and between rock walls. I thought this would be good since people can’t destroy those. Once while in the game, a bear spawned inside my house, half of it sticking out of a rock.

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Okay, I got that… You’re just a bad person, fine. +1 for Rust.

There is nobody else on my server. I think I mentioned this.

yeah elix is a bad dude

I think this are the friendly House bears you can trust him.

that’s a pretty poor attitude to take over a feature that has been in rust for over 2 years. have you played rust before?

the rest does indeed suck, but the game is in development (and it’s only been about a year since the total restart); you can’t expect there to be no bugs.

Legacy had animals phasing through any building, not just spawning.
And they could hurt you from any height, cause no Y axis check.

Besides, AI in itself needs reworking. Just it isn’t on the top of the priority list.

type ‘ai.think false’ into the server’s console and you’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

I’ve been killed on the third floor before, because I built up against a rock where a bear spawned. They run up and down the rock and his path entered my base. Right now, you just have to take those things into consideration when building. Even with all these little things that need attention, I love Rust and can’t wait to see where it will be when finished. Just need to be patient for now.

if they would spawn in my base i would be sooo happy to have atleast an decent raid protection:why:

Yes, now if only we could keep them penned in the ground floor of our bases, they would make a nice surprise for would-be raiders… lol

What about netguns to capture bears and wolves to defend your base?

Cool idea!

I want an airboat

Screw alpha testing, that is only an excuse when you are letting people play for free.

The fix for this is simple; Animals don’t enter tool chest zones … then when they actually have it fixed, replace the tool zones with the AI logic.