bears upgrade

Garry I would like to ask of you… could make the bears more op. It’s been a fun ride watching bears own entired tribes of geared players. Watch them shot up a cliff face to eat a Newman with a bow trying to get me. And the best watching one out run a guy and kill that son of a bitch in cold blood on front of my home.

Yes when a bear can take a rocket in the face, kill you and your friends then some how know you spawned by and run your Ass down again to finish you off and take you soul. Your in for some good times.

And yes I would like more op bears

Maybe make them fly? Shot missiles when flying !!?

Lazer from the eyes!?
Let’s have some fun :slight_smile:

Radioactive bears. They spread it around as they roam.

honestly a bear should not be able to take 4 bolty shots to the face and live. nerf health buff damage i say.

lol dem bears are feared

I have seen 6 full geared guys stop and go completely around a bear. Because they know the death

Killing a bear is very easy, they probably just wanted to avoid all the noise.

Bears own. An rcon command of say “admin gave themselves 1000000 x timed explosive charge” might rile a few feathers, but say “admin gave themselves 1000000 x bear” terrifies the shit out of the most hardcore players.

their health is fine, they should just do more damage. a bear fucks you up in real life, that’s why people shoot them from a distance instead of fist fighting them.

In most case, a crossbow shot to head shouldn’t even allow it to live.
Then again, this is a game.

The bears are not big enough, they should be twice their size. :slight_smile:

^ with jetpacks

cock rockets?

And friggen lasers with an ofactory sense that can detect you from 3000 meters away.
Also give them the OP metal face and chest plates that made killing players nearly impossible.

More bears and twice as strong Please.!

Can we have them kill base walls too lol. Just roll though your shit

I like the new Bears. I think it is a good PvE implement. After a few hours in Rust the environment is not really a worry, so things like the chopper and the bears are good IMO.

Yea needs to be more op ai ingame

Man I hate bears, what kind of bear in real life can take 4 arrows to the face and still be truckin’ it towards you

A black bear

a polar bear