Bearshare's model pack help

Well, in the the age section there is something called " Bearshare’s model pack". i obliviously know how to download, extract the files but this file doesn’t have a zip.



Why is it a file? Might want to re download it.

And whats with all your text documents? Read me’s galore…

Yeah, I know I have a shit ton of addons. Thanks though, I will re-try the download

same… Cleaned up my gmod last night so Its like Blank… nothing to read in that place anymore.

Well, I re-downloaded it. Still, no .rar

I downloaded it, comes out a rar for me.

got winrar?

AH HA! Found it.

When you click on it, it says what program do you want to open it in. Chose Winrar and found the models/materials/settings/pictures. Thanks guys!

EDIT: The pack is a ripoff. The spawnlist is made wrong and no materials. WTF!?

So we all have the same problem then hmm? :frowning:

I spent quite a while trying to get this model pack to work. How disappointing.

Too bad we can’t give this “BearShare” fellow a good kick in that lazy butt, taunting us with these decent looking models - just out of reach haha.