BearTrap for Trouble in Terrorist Town

Hey everybody! On my server there was a BearTrap that I no longer used (meaning it’s discontinued) so I thought I would share it with you all!
You can find it on the workshop here
Or a mirror to it here

Fun fact: The chomping sound is the sound of a toast coming out of a toaster in slow motion.

Phoenixf129 for some code
Loures for some code
Stiffy360 for the model
The One Freeman for the animation

You should set the model color to something other than white.

I remember that fricken beartrap was one of the most pain in the ass things every

I like the model. great work

How does it work, what does it do? Does it kill its victims or just freeze them where they stand?

Bites them, they freeze in place and slowly bleed out. It takes long enough so you could hear their screams before dying :slight_smile:

You make this sound like some kind of torture/rape device :open_mouth:

Mind if I use the models, etc for my own beartrap (It lacks of custom models and animations :P)?
Also, instead of using Player:Freeze, do
so they can still defend themselves. I mean, inreal life if you got snared by one you dont become a weeping angel :V

Use it however you like, it’s free for all :slight_smile: