Beat from Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio Future

Can anybody rip/create Beat from Jet Grind Radio and/or Jet Set Radio Future.
I don’t know if it’s possible to rip from the original Xbox, but I know that Jet Grind Radio’s on the Dreamcast…

Beat - Jet Grind Radio Version (Dreamcast)

(Beat’s on the right, also it’s called Jet Set Radio in Japan. Go figure. Beats me why the first game used the word “grind” even though “set”'s used in the sequel)

Beat - Jet Set Radio Future Version (Xbox)

Anyone think they can do this?
Any other characters from said games would be appreciated if anyone takes up this offer :confused:

I also know of Beat’s model appearing in Sega All Stars Tennis if it’s possible to rip from the PS3 or Wii versions…

Sorry, that’s the best shot I could find of him in the game.

Shameless bump!
(I’m only doin that one more time :,( )
Any takers for this? … Please?

I support this.

Someone should seriously do Beat.

And if time permits, Tab.

Final Bump.
I seriously hope someone can step up to this ):