Beat the Zombie Massive Call of Duty : World at War, 2 and 1 Port (over 80 models!) V1

Here is the V1 of the Huge call of duty port:
[tab]Name:[/tab]Beat the Zombie Massive CoD Port V1

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab]Weapons, Defense, and Vehicle from Call of duty: World at War, 1 and 2

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrysmod, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty 1 Call of duty 2
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Treyarch and Activision/Infinity Ward for amazing models and textures, Beat the Zombie for porting modifying, Bloocobalt for showing me Crazybump and bodygroups, Imanoob for support

[tab]Downloads:[/tab] for morphine

[tab]Include:[/tab]King Tiger, Panther, Panzer IV, Tiger, Sherman, Crusader MKII, SDKFZ222, SDKFZ251, Horch, Opel Blitz, American weapons, German weapons, British weapons, Russian weapons, Crate for stuff, Sandbags, Artillery and more

V2: It will include :
Destroyed model for vehicles,
More Artllery
Fixes for thing that I don’t know up to date

Tell me what you think of them, I’m going to post the WIP picture here too.

Way to shit on the other porters :confused: But, good work anyways.

Edit: Oh, wait, I thought it was only WaW ports. And it appears like Bloo helped you out, so it doesn’t matter.

Bloo is really the attention of month ins’t he?

hell ya thanks beat the zombie

Are the tanks ragdolled?

so quick to judge others, you are

many a misguided young one i have met in my travels… but none like this.

I got a boner looking at all the weapons…

There has been a surplus of World War II addons lately.

Fantastic job. It’s nice to finally have a Panzer IV to work with.

I wish there were a surplus of WWI addons :saddowns:

Having some WWI addons would be great, the WWI Source Models are not exactly GMOD friendly.

Or eye friendly.

Fairly good work, some things could be done better, but still pretty good.

I found these to be very useful, great package. As for the quality, I found the quality on the CoD 1 weapons to be, well, excellent.

So only bloo allow to port them now? He has every right to do them as he wishes. :confused:

Let not start another mariokartn64 drama here, over ports. Serious though D:

What’s this markartn64 stuff about? I’ve never heard or seen this person, but since i’m asking and everyone knows this person i’ll get myself a clock,

Here comes the mariokartn64! As he had fully described himself in this post. It’s such an interesting thread too, full of EGO.

I heard you need to rate yourself three times to get one rating :v:

Oh boy, Well basically he get quite mad or pretend not to when ever someone take his glory away when someone else does a same port as he does and start up with them, by showing off render and stating he can do 100x better then them. He been doing that over a lot of crap since 2006. Re4, halo, halo3, supersmash bro, zelda, re5, re remakes, and the list goes on…
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