Beat the Zombie WWII vehicle pack

Here is a preview of my pack of WWII vehicle

Vehicles that doesn’t need a new phymodel:
Horch, Destroyed sdkfz222, sdkfz222 (not finished)
kubelwagen destroyed SDKFZ 251 with wurfrahmen and BMW motorcycle.

Vehicles that need new phymodel:
SDKFZ 251 not destroyed, all destroyed tank model and tank and opelblitz.



SDKFZ 251 destroyed




Destroyed tank

Destroyed SDKFZ222

I want to add the FH2 vehicle and I’ll make CoD2 Ragdolled tank.
I still need help with 3DSmax for the bf2 importer script.

Looks Great! but ins’t there already Forgotten Hope 2 tanks?

These are from COD2 right? Brings me memories.

Really looking forward to a release. Keep on truckin’ :tiphat:

I think these are CoD WaW models. I bet that Horch is from CoD WaW.

Well I’m pretty sure the kubelwagen and the halftrack is from Cod2.

The half-track with the rocket launcher things on the sides is from Cod 2, I remember it from the Russian campaign.

Stuka-Zu-Fuss :eng101:

These are all from Call of Duty World at War, maybe they simply copied the model from CoD2 to WaW. The FH vehicle pack doesn’t include every vehicle from FH2, I think it’s having some FH1 model.

Awesome models, would love to see a release when you’re done.

Well, the halftrack model and kubel model is from CoD2, I’m porting from it and the model have the exact same name and texture name.


here is a preview of the Tiger:

Way better then DoD one.


Looks great,do a beta release? :3

Well, I need to make new phymodel for a lot of vehicle so no. I’m not done with CoD2, I only ported the Tiger. There is the crusaderII, PanzerII and sherman.

I knew I didn’t see a single kubelwagen in waw :hurr:

General Amsell (or something like that) rode one in the 1st mission from the Russian campaign.

It’s not a Kubelwagen, it’s a horch.

^ Informatived.

-_- having problem with axis limit, Can someone help me on that point?

Now I got it to work but my turret is out of his axis because the turret bone modify the trajectory of the turret. So I can only put 1 bone. Turret or Main gun? And if someone know how to make it have 2 bone can you tell me?

I see you released some stuff.
Awesome. :slight_smile: