Beat the Zombie's Not That Good Pictures

They go from the oldest to the newest. I lost alot of them when I changed computer.

You have improved a lot, I like 'em overall.

They’re all pretty good. You seem to do a little too many WW2 poses though.

You can’t get enough of World War 2.

They won’t be enough pictures to show 6 years of horror and destruction.

Good poses .

[sp]I want those World of Tank Models so bad![/sp]

I don’t know, Call of Duty is starting to make me disagree.

You’re about 3 years late, now Call of Duty is an overrated modern combat grenade spamfield.

It’s so blatanly easy to see that you improved a lot, good work.

Call of Duty 1 to 2-3 was really good but when they added all that modern thing and not-accurate-at-all story line it kind of removed the feeling of Call of Duty. Take CoD1, put CoD5 Graphic and you got a good game. (don’t forget the damn proportion)

Thanks man

I like the posing and editing blur could use some editing though also when are you gonna release the pelican you’ve had it for months.

I know but Call of Duty and Medal of Honor have helped fill the industry with low quality, unrealistic, and sometimes boring WW2 shooters.