Beating the hell out of a witness.

“The fucker saw us killing him!”

Picture’s song (yeah, bare hand combat are fucking more manly with manly music) :

Click for HQ

Mostly blood practice. Then it turned out so good I decided to complete it and post it as my final submission for the hand to hand contest.

No lightning and sweat :

Original :

(forgive me for the copy pasta from the other thread, it’s late here, and I’m waiting for the demoman’s update)

they’re twins?

There’s a lot of explanations possible, so let’s just say they’re twins, yeah.

Nick+Evil Devil Nick doppleganger=Pure ownage in raw form
I like the one without sweat more. The sweat needs some work, it looks like skin craters/scars.

“Fuckin’ figuers.”

Jesus, that has got to hurt.


Nice job.

The blood and sweat editing is fantastic, but it looks ugly as well.


also motion blur on his hand would be nice

Nick no1 just broke his thumb.

Nice sweaty effects.