Beating The Source Engine's Map Size: Shrink?

Alright, so I built myself a USS Enterprise in Garry’s Mod. It had a warp reactor, 9 decks and an engineering sector, a spacious bridge and a photon torpedo bay. It was a thing of beauty, a true work of art using CAP, Wire, SBEP, and LS3. (with all related addons) Now before you start hating on Star Trek, (BBBAAAAAHHHHH STAR WARZ IS BETTER SHUT UP NOOB) let me present you with my dilemma: (one I’m sure many gmodders have had before) Mere moments after I happily strutted onto the bride, turned to my friend and said, “Warp 9, engage!” my wonderful starship slammed into the map edge, causing a MASSIVE collision spazz-out and a a server crash. I had even forgotten to ADV-dupe my Enterprise… Aaaaaaannnnnnyyyyywaaaaayyyyyy now that my rambling is done now, I would like to know if expanding the source map size limit is possible through “shrinking” the player and all related props. In this thread, someone also suggested it, but claimed that hitboxes couldn’t be scaled as well.
However, look at this: Entity.SetCollisionBounds AND Entity.SetModelScale I figure there could be some sort of global script that forces props to be 80% smaller. (or whatever) I know nothing of Lua/C++ and I am a total newb with Hammer, but could this work? Please don’t rage at me if this is just stupid, I really want to know if expanding Source maps is possible.

I think I saw a mod up on Workshop that can shrink the player, and props have been resizable since before GM13, so I imagine this could be possible.

However i believe the collision mesh stays the same size. So you would be 1/8th of the size as will the props. You just won’t be able to go near any of them

You can recompile props to scale them and their collision meshes down, it’s how a larger play space was obtained for the dogfight arcade gamemode, however, the smallest size of the grid is still constant so you effectively lose detail (assuming you’re sensible and stay on grid) and also the physics engine struggles with collisions on what it perceives as a very small scale, so yes, entirely possible and done before, but not very practical.

Garry implemented something from TF2 that allows correct model scaling. (collision models too!)

Pretty sure Garry added some code from another Source game that solves that.

If you make everything small you’re going to have issues. You still only have the same memory to work with. If something is 100x100 and you move it 1 unit to the left you move it by 1/100 of the model, However as things get smaller you will run out of “decimals” and you’ll get rounded values.
So if you had something that’s 1x1 instead and try to move it 1/100th you might end up moving it way more or less than you intended.

The size is limited because of the memory, Not because they thought it was funny. You can still re-size everything but you’re going to have to keep it on a reasonable scale still.

I’ve had this idea before, it would be great for game modes that have scaled down props made specifically for it like the airboat planes in dogfight.

Hammer (from what I’m aware) runs off of ’ double ’ values. A double’s digits from what I’m aware far extend into the millions, it might even be one or two billion I can’t remember. If they are using ’ long ’ as the value the digits can exceed two billion decimals. Rounding shouldn’t ever be a problem.

However, I think Hammer was pre-programmed to only handle a specific amount of decimals so people wouldn’t scroll into the grid infinitely to move it. (I think the max for it is 1/10000th from my memory on the texture scale). I have no idea scaling wise though.

From what I understand, someone increased the Hammer grid size, but the game engine itself didn’t like the compiled map.

Actually hammer uses a 16bit integer (A short) for the map size and a long isn’t the same thing as a long double. This isn’t really relevant at all though.
There is a lot of information available here:

If I’m not mistaken they’re using a vector of floats for the actual entities.

Because the game wasn’t made handle use bigger maps.

The Empires source mod uses tiny models to bypass the map limitation in source which is proof that this idea sort of works but my point still stands, You can not make things to small if you want to keep precision. Not only is it easy to test it, It’s logical. They didn’t make everything on a certain scale because they felt like it and even if my other facts might be wrong this particular one is still certain. It’s been explained on this forum several times before in threads asking Garry to increase the map size etc etc. You have to remember that it’s an old engine and that the values are hardcoded.