Beatles Rock Band porting.


I’m ZeUberMedic, and I could seriously use all the help I can here!

I’ve been wanting someone to port the models from the Beatles Rock Band game for a long time now, and no one has done it yet…SO!

I thought, “Why don’t I take this into my own han-- shit, I’m an idiot and I don’t know how to port!”

And so I decided to come here, where most (if now all) of you know how to do it.

And I’d love to ask all of you, can you help me learn to do this, as well as help me port these? Here’s something with a little more information on all this stuff!

But, if you’re too lazy to click the link, here’s what it says there!

Okay, so!

Dr. Meow Snird and I decided we’re going to learn to port, and port the things from “The Beatles Rock Band” for GMod and SFM!

Now, thing is–

We have NO knowledge on this stuff, and we could use ALL the help we can!

I’m going to go pick up a copy of the game tomorrow, and port int all the models, files, etc. All that jazz!

Here’s the website of the game for anyone who’d like to check it out!

I’m getting the WII version of the game to port.

I also need a team of people willing to help us with these!

I’ll be updating this as we make progress too!

So, if anyone’d like to help us, please, leave a comment!

Also add me on steam so we can get it all going too!

So, I’d love it if any of you can help me do this!

Please, contact me on Steam for this, it’s where I’m most active!

Thanks for reading!-