Beautiful maps?

Anyone has some cool maps? I’d prefer ones that are foresty, all nature and shit, you know, the green ones :> But others are okay, even ones with good lighting :slight_smile: i just need some cool maps to ragdoll pose on.

It’s naturey and meant to be played as a singleplayer map but I guess you can ragdoll pose on it too.

Self-advertising miigga? :v:

Of course

de_forest is foresty all nature and shit, but I’m too lazy to get a download link. It should take about 15 seconds to find it via google.

Hey redninja…i missed you. I did so enjoy our time together last time…me stalking you, you enjoying it to no end. :wink:

Sup bitch

Anyways, anything besides de_forest and gm_urbex?

kill yourself

If you search the word “forest” on you’ll find a whole bunch of great maps.

oh also I made this really cool floating islands map, it’s amazing and you should download it, tell all your friends about it and make a TON of great gmod pose images using it.:v:

Whats your problem?

How old are you?

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Because I’m guessing 12

What’s your problem!?

Go kill yourself!

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Also - xD

You guys are having the sense of humor of fucking 11 years old kid from 9gag.
I feel bad for you.

I can understand someone needing to ask for maps of say london, as i don’t remember many, they can be hard to find, but if you want to find a map, it is a good idea to at least have a look around yourself, not just rely on other people to find you maps, or props, or prefabs, or whatever other hack job you are doing this time.

Actually im just wanting to ragdoll pose on forest-ish maps. I just thought it’d be nice if some had cool maps, ones that i dont have yet. And it became to this.

Episode 2 has its own forest map…you realize this right?