Beauty In Technology + Other shizz

Just some stuff c&c if you kindly

Bonus shizz as promised

Oh forgot, on the Blood Ravens screenie please pardon the ammo belt, tried my best with it.

how in the fuck do you do it

Do what?

make such brilliant pics. do you get a wizard to do it for you, or what?

There not brilliant, ok i guess. I do whatI can with what I’ve got.

Pretty awkward posing before the Borderlands bandits, after that it’s swell.

Its Ellis and his freaky arm position.

I love that there’s so much bonus. Should’ve made it a compilation, instead.

(oh, and I really like your stuff)

When i bonus, i bonus hard

Elise is ready to kick some wrinkly ass!

So he’s gonna beat up on the old folks?

People posing with weapons.

That’s it.

Wow, your eagle eyes astound me.

No silly, Zombies.

They wouldn’t have wrinkly arses, they woud be decayed, dead arses.

They’re nothing compared to your extraordinary ability in making dull screenshots.