Beauty of X-mas

What did you expect? A black-colored Santa, which is made of crap? An elephant raping dead babys? (Hm, good idea…) Blood, gore, guts, excrements, bloom and rainbows?
Well, that was close enough, wasn’t it.


See? Wasn’t hard not to draw flying shit around naked snipers?
Really nice picture.

he is the screenshotter facepunch needs

where’s all the poop and rainbows :frowning:

Sorry, slave, it was necessary for me to make this piece of poop, because I want to win those $305,615066 :C

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It was. It was even harder than cutting balls off with a blunt spoon. But I made it. Finally. Jarate yeah.

well this is a very nice change, i like it very much

You fucking defector.

i want you to defecate erosively into my armpit

I love your shit.

spy has big cock
me like

Good screenshot.

So faraon, how was rehab?

can we have a picture for hanukkah too