Because.. I don't have a gun

So… just enjoy

looks good,

what game are these guys from, I don’t recognize them at all.

I want those ragdolls :c

Welcome back! And amazing picture!

i’m goign to guess Metro 2033 ragdolls or STALKER ragdolls. or both.

I don’t know, that guy has cornrows. Russains know nothin’ about cornrows. They’re pretty sweet where ever they’re from.

Crazier shit has been seen in metro 2033.

The Soldiers in the back look like BC2, and the black guy looks hexed?

They’re really f-ing cool though. TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THEM!

They’re from alliance of valliant arms.

I laughed at the file name.


Wtf? O_o
Texture of armband is unmirrored