Because of the ongoing events your testing enviroment is unsupervised...

As usual, this is a scenebuild at flatgrass_night and it’s without edit.

Hey ChestyMcGee! Does the angle good enough? I thing you were right all along.

I also added some sort of fog to the left side. The right side don’t have that. Is it visible enough or should I add more?


Prev. Portal themed scene:

yeh it’s cool

it’s way more dynamic like this and the viewer feels like they’re really part of the picture, rather than just looking down on a diorama

keep it up mate

Great scenebuild.
I see you focus on details.

Don’t use such a strong lamp next time.

Very good, you’re great at scenebuilding.

While I understand the place that take the scenebuilds in your pictures, being myself an occasional scenebuilder, you could try to concentrate on the characters first sometimes. By this, I mean “try to build the scenebuild for them”, not the contrary.

You could also use a tiny bit of SDoF which adds depth. For example, look at that door on the right. It looks a bit flat since it is from the exact same color pattern as the other walls. SDoF or colored lights could fix that easily. Even the coloring and/or materials tools are useful in that case. You can lower the brightness of a prop/lamp by using the coloring tool (only use white-to-black unless you want it to be colored). Well I bet you already know that, but anyway.

Depth is really important as it allows our eyes not to be bored. Eyes should be able to come off the main elements of a picture. It also can be used to make important things stand out more. It says “THIS, is the foreground, THAT is the background” etc. It could really be a great improvement in your pictures since they’re already highly detailed.

Oh, and by the way, buy a 16:9 screen 'cause it’d be even more awesome for our eyes. And probably yours! :stuck_out_tongue: Keep up the good work dude, you inspire me a lot.

I have a strange feeling that I’m watching a colorful, modern fresco like those that have been painted by inkas and egyptiansv in the ancient times

Oh, how I love your scenebuilds.

Although your scenebuilds are excellent and far more interesting than most attempts, I can’t help but somewhat dislike their design. I mean, most of your scenebuilds are cramped and cluttered, making it look as if it is a set piece rather than an area. To me that detracts from the picture, a bit. And like what pMnky said, make the scene builds for the characters. As it stands now it looks like the characters were added as just another prop.

Don’t get me wrong, these are some awesome scene builds, just that they seem TOO much like scenebuilds to fully appreciate the screenshot as it is.

That’s just my two cents, though.

That’s it. You need to add an atmosphere. Then it’ll be perfect. If you’re not comfortable with Photoshop, etc., try the ingame editing. Sometimes a bit of blue fog, desaturation or whatever can do wonders.

I didn’t say that it was bad. Sometimes the scene can also be a character. Particularly in the Portal universe! It just might be good to try.

As a personnal statement, I’d say that many kalix1’s blank scenes have sometimes more personnality than many ragdoll poses out there.

This guy is truly underrated.

It’s a great scenebuild, but I can’t help but feel that it’s too crowded. Also, Chell’s placement could be a lot more interesting, and her pose looks exactly like the idle pose from the game.

Added depth and another fog-like thing. Still ingame.
I know how lamps/color-material stools are working. Material stool is the base of everything I do.

Yep, probably that’s why you rated it disagree. You can tell me directly if you don’t like it, that’s ok.

Thanks. I’ll try to do it better.

That could be because she is the idle pose from the game +the gun.

but I even made it go above maximum level by editing the material it’s based on because I thought it’s not bright enough.

the fogging in v2 looks terribly overdone
and the dof should have concentrated on both wheatley and chell

… thanks for comments!
I’m a little disappointed though, you show so little interest in my pic.

The saddest part, that your scenebuilds are not “artisctic”. They are only technically godlike, because of strange shadows and other stuff that you already know.
But I’m not trying to insult you, it’s a good job.

ive always been impressed with your efforts and the way you built all this, but none of your scenebuilds have that much of a good lighting

in all your dark scenebuilds you have a lamp lighting that you didnt bother adjusting its brightness and colors

Very nice scenebuild. One question, though: how did you get Wheatley to look at the camera?

Would really like to know how everybody is pulling off those portals.

set animation yes yes

Ah, yes, that explains almost nothing.

What is “set animation”?