Become a Water Hoarding Overlord! or just a crazy idea.

Probably is just a crazy idea (no shortage of those on the interwebz) but I thought of something that could be, at the least, mildly entertaining. It involves a structure that is either player constructed or it could be a landmark that would allow players to build around.

The structure will consist of two parts. The first is a large water-pump that must be fueled regularly in order to keep it actively draining water from the surrounding area. The second part is a large water tower that will store the water that has been drained by the pump. The side effects of the pump being active are as follows: (1) grass and other small plants in the area being to dry out and turn brown after several in game days, (2) nearby bodies of water that are not rivers or oceans will begin to dry up until there is little to no water left in them, and (3) the water tower fills and provides a very large amount of drinkable water for player to access from the tower itself.

This could be used to create a server mini-event that could prove to be both engaging and entertaining. Thoughts? Comments? Answer the poll and let me know.

I like this idea. I was hoping our water would come from lakes streams and caves which would cause people to try and build in those areas but we got the dew catchers instead. I rarely drink water the way it is now. I just eat a bunch all the time.

It would be neat if we could use survey charges to find ground water tables, and perhaps an automated well could be placed on that similar to pump jacks and mining quarries. I don’t think draining water from the surrounding area is such a great idea though. Not only would it be a lot to code, but that’s not really how ground water works.

Bloodcell is right though, thirst is more of a token survival mechanic right now. Down the road, I hope thirst and hunger get some attention.