becoming a rust ninja! the crouch sprint

Hey guys, just sharing a video I made detailing how to crouch sprint in rust.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the video and find it helpful to your play!

Wow, that was great! Please don’t remove that feature! It reminds me of the duck walk in cs.

I really hope they keep in the noise effect, but i wouldn’t mind a change on the fairly ridiculous animation that comes with it haha

crouch walking**

Why do you have an axe leaning in the corner of the room recording in?

why? which weapon do you keep near your gaming rig?

aka russian duck walk :wink:

I carry a pocket knife in my pantsbut i dont always wear pants

I haven’t see anything in the rules against bumping so I just wanted to pop this up to the top again in hopes of some new people seeing it!

one more shameless bump for now then ill lay off i swear!