Beds? Share Doors? We NEED hacks fixed ffs.

Seriously, shared doors and beds get released and yet i see nothing about hacks being patched or new things to help admins monitor players. This is starting to become a joke. 2 MAJOR problems since i’ve been playing rust. HACKERS<<<<<<<<<<<<< NUMBER 1 fucking problem. Nothing is worse knowing you lost all your gear while you were sleeping to a hacker who blew down no fucking walls. Or you get in a gun fight and the scrub is using an aimbot. Number 2, server wont load, crashes when its about to load. Literally takes 20+ crashes to desktop before it decides to wanna work. Stupid releases if you ask me. I’m not even joking there was 10 + hackers on an 80 SLOT server last night. Admins barely have the tools to ban someone, in fact every server bans only when the admin catches them (which is pretty bloody hard without the appropriate admin tools) There is absolutely no point playing in high pop servers if it means when you decide to log off you will be hacked and nothing reimbursed. Some of you think its the same as losing it to a normal player and you just have to resource farm again, but its nothing the same. I know this is ALPHA, but hacking should be any developers main priority. Ruining many servers.

(User was banned for this post ("You already made this thread once before... also use the hackers discussion thread and read the official blog before claiming nothing is being done about hackers" - postal))

Combo doors have been in the works for six weeks or more.

If it was that easy to fix hacks, it’s all be fixed, fuckass. And besides, VAC will get them.

This game’s in alpha. You are expecting far too much out of an unfinished game. You should be expecting frequent wipes. Stop crying that you lost your stuff; it’s likely to be lost because of mandatory wipes anyway.

And how would you propose they fix the hacking problem? You obviously know so much about the solution. /sarcasm

how have you managed to keep this up for so long?

If it pisses you off stop playing, we dont give two shits here that poor you is buttmad over some cheaters, VAC is there for a reason.

Because it’s true? I’m sorry you don’t understand the meaning of “alpha” and allowed yourself to form false expectations. Either that or you don’t understand game development. At all.

Wow stop whining, pretty much everyone here have said enough but yeah it’s alpha and it aint that easy to fix it + this update made the game alot more enjoyable and i have never seen a hacker so far after 3 days of playing and i never crashed while connecting to a server…

what? i’ve been playing since way back. i’m just amazed to see you still parachuting into every thread pointing out it’s alpha within minutes of it being created - you’re not wrong but your dedication to the cause is remarkable.

Stop whining? The game is completely unplayable because of cheaters. It’s a simple fix, HAVE GAME MODERATORS. VAC IS GARBAGE.


Moderators can’t be on 24/7 like VAC can, stupid.

Do you play on official servers? Moderators can’t be there 24/7?.. Are you seriously this dense?