Been 8 times on rad town, no c4, no m4, no mp5, no metal house stuff and no planes btw.

Even the zombies don’t give me a lot of stuff. Always the same crap. Same bleuprint for the same guns.

What is the trick?
And where are the planes? Never saw one in a 4 hours of playing.

Has to be a certain amount of players on for airdrops in most servers.

I’ve been to rad town 15+ times in my server and high end stuff, only got Kevlar pants from a zombie, gotta stick at it!

It’s what I got to joining a low player server. Good info thanks.,

There really isn’t any “trick”. Its completely random and based on real life luck. Some people get great stuff on their first kill, others gotta go for hours with them dropping flares, tuna and paper. Don’t get so easily discouraged.

Yesterday I joined a server, rocked a zombie, bam, metal foundation and metal window.

It happens…

I started out near a rad town, when I entered I found 2 white boxes, P250 and Shotgun x).

Also the previous server it took me 5 hours of full raiding zombies/crates to find a M4, this goes simpy with luck (or eventualy with the moded drop table of the server).

Maybe the server is using custom loot tables via DropParty.

I’ve been playing for only a few days and can craft all weapons and all kevlar except for chest. This is exclusively from small rad. Just luck.

I prefer hunting from zombies, they don’t drop weapons/kevlar items as far as I can tell, but they do drop blueprints.
Once you got some kevlar bleuprints start trading for the rest.
As for C4, best way to get it is…airdrops.

Also take into account what server you are playing on. Some Admins like us will edit the loot tables.

I finally found the m4 and some other stuff. I have like 4 pistol and 2 shotgun plus de m4.

Look like it is a good thing to loot this town finally. And the zombies give some good stuff too.

I think the town don’t give as much as hard as it is to get the stuff there. Especially in large town. You got to be good to loot the large town. Full of maniac zombies and hard and a confusin layout that I should learn pretty quick but hard for a new player.

just keep at it man! what was said above the air drops are based on the number of people that are playing on the server as well the admins choice.

Lmao, don’t try my server then… Factory-grade guns (all the ones that use low-quality metal) are very rare and uncraftable, same with weapon mods, C4, grenades… In 2 weeks since wipe (after testing for 3 weeks before ‘proper’ launch), there have only dropped 3 MP5s, 2 M4s, 1-2 Shotguns, and maybe 5-7 handguns. For the whole server :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… And 2 airdrops per real day…

^This. Depends on what server you’re on. Admins can change what loot is in boxes and what is dropped from zombies.

As has been mentioned, the loot tables may have been edited on the server you’re on. You may be on a rare military drop server where C4/military weapons are only dropped by crates and the server may require a certain number of players for air drops to be activated.

8 times lol, on my previous server before the wipe, I must of ran rad town 50 times before I found an m4, and on the new server I’m playing which has a toned down loot tables, my 2nd big rad town run I pulled a M4, which was like xmas because it is pretty rare on the server.

Its just a numbers game, but if everyone would pull every gun or the best weapons after 8 runs in rad town everyone would be fully geared in the first 2hours of game play :stuck_out_tongue:

I once got 3 air supply signals within 10 minutes.
One crate had a m4 (like 3% chance).

Even on populated server I did not saw a lot. And I think I saw only one drop out of 4 planes. And I played like 15 hours. You must be very lucky.

Well… I got my first BAR after 150h of playing rust. I kept it for like 10 seconds, after being shot in the back. :slight_smile:
I had my first explosives (not the charges) after like 100h of playing.

I haven’t fired a single round from the BAR in this game.

I normally set up a few mini bases near the town and do runs for about 2-3 hours straight, and in that window you are unlikely to find any C4. It’s just random but the chances are low.