Been banned?

hello i just tried to join a server in garrys mod then it said that i was banned? i havent used “hack” lua files or sethhack
why have i been banned? i dont get it i havent been using any hacks?

Whether you used lua exploits or SethHack or not, the admins of the server are the ones you should talk to, not us.

i havent been on any servers at all i havent been using lua exploits because i dont know how to do that and i wont pay for a hack program…

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it isnt fair that i was banned for doing nothing…

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is there some kind of support i can talk to?

Talk to them and sort it out yourself.

weird because when i google your steam ID i get all sorts of cheating perma bans

oh well it’s most likely that you are innocent and this thus far flawless system broke just for you :’(


This is him

Totally not a cheater, I mean really, he claimed it in this thread like 8 times.

Oh thats not me :stuck_out_tongue: this is me

You used Sethhack on Zombie Survival Green Apocalypse 2 on the 23rd July 2012

Hope you fix the glaringly obvious bypass I was told about for your detection system. Assuming what I was told is true.

Maybe you should post it now so I know what you’re talking about

Was the ramblings of some kid I was half ignoring, something about it being a HTTP based. Sends the information reporting detected hack client side via HTTP so they can just block the connection.

I could ask him for more details if you require.

I have never bought it or used it…

Then someone has hacked your steam account and used it to cheat. You should look into that.