Been playing on a lot of roleplay servers, singleplay is broken now

I get flooded with errors whenever I get out any tool in the toolgun, including wire. I spawn only with the physgun, camera, and toolgun. I can’t help but attribute this to a roleplay server, because I have been on a lot in the recent weeks. Is there any solution other than a full re-install? I don’t have any new addons that would have caused it, I think it’s just caused by something I downloaded when I joined an RP server. Where would files downloaded directly from a server be kept?

Any solutions or input in general is very much appreciated.

Ah, that would be Garry’s fault. The last update screwed up wiremod and that’s why you get those errors. I get them too, but they don’t bother me too much.

It is not an addon you downloaded.

Thanks. Say, aren’t you the guy from my other thread?

I sure am! :wink: