Been wondering what to do with this domain..

So I snagged a while ago, been wondering what to do with it,

Considered making a community/server with it or selling, any ideas?

Why type of community or what it could be worth?

*edit I know I put “for sale” on the domain, that’s pretty much my “I bought this, if someone wants it they can contact me” page. I do it for several other domains.

sell it to a tryhard kid for big $$$ so he can open probably the best darkp community

I was thinking that,

It does kind of market itself…

“Yeh server ip is

Any ideas what it’s worth?
*How the fuck do you disagree to a question?

You do know how long was free before someone actually decided to use it for something which even then ended up being pants.

Yeah, I know exactly how long it was available, considering the first domain name was registered on March 15th 1985, that being And was purchased on December 13th 2011. Meaning, that the domain has been available for public purchase for 26 years, 8 months, and 28 days. But who’s counting.

quick edit has been around since 2011, 3 years without being forsale, and it was owned two times before that…

I think is, uh… Popular?

not more than 15$ tbh

What brings you to this conclusion?

the official darkrp website already has a domain name being used, there are no kiddies that I really could see buying this because as soon as you give them a high price they bitch.

a retard like killslick might sling a couple hundred bucks your way for it

This is true

Time to hunt!