Beeping when i click weps

every time i download a wep pack like kermites and i put it in addons i go into the game and all it does when i click the wep name it beeps and no weapon comes up

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You have no weapons.

i doi put it in addons

Beep Beep.

You have failed to mention what your problem is in detail. Not only that, but we don’t even know what game this is or under what circumstances you are installing it. On top of that, this is the completely wrong section.

Also grammar.

quoted yourself?

no seriously like what drove you to make a thread this bad nobody can help you with that vague information

You’re a dog, apparently, you shouldn’t be able to put addons on.

GMOD 10 i downloaded kermites shotgun pack

You bought GMod on Steam right?


Your computer is infected with a virus, go to your nearest virus psychiatrist for immediate therapy of your computer

guys i dropped it and now when i try to turn it on it just beeps and screen is black? Oh! You mean you need to know what I’m talking about? Or you can’t help me? MADNESS. :downs:

You aren’t trying to put the .zip file into addons are you? If you are, you need to extract the addon to your desktop, and then move it to your addons folder.

sbox_weapons 1 ?