Before reporting an unfair hacking ban, please read.

If you wish to report an unfair hacking ban, please use the following forum posting format in your thread.

Post 1: state how you were doing nothing wrong and suddenly got banned.

Post 2, 3, 4 and 5: keep repeating post 1.

Post 6: admit that yes, you did once visit a hackers website, but just to research other filthy hackers.

Post 7: admit that yes you have been previously vac banned for being a pathetic cheater in other games, but would never cheat in rust.

Await link to your registered account on a hacksite.

Await response from EAC stating that you were using a paid hack.

Create a new steam account, buy the game again and then repeat above steps.

I’d watch making threads like this, or you too might face a ban soon… A forum ban.

You forgot *optional: mention how you will hack the site/contact local police/file a lawsuit/make a pact with the dark elder gods/ additional empty threat used to try and scare your “false” ban away here .

Then I shall of course use the suggested format to complain vociferously until Mr Knifey steps in.

In your first post, you forgot a step: Pretend that you haven’t played in a month and when you try to join a server, you’re mysteriously banned.

nah, you seem to have this thread under control; i’ll just enjoy the show;)

Cry for me! I want to see your tears!! Yesssss so salty and good. Yes cry ha haha ha meh ha!