Before the thunderstorm


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if you can do stuff like this then why fuck stuff up like before that’s not art, this comes close

I love it…

I’m not really interested in this sort of pictures, but it’s pleasure to do them from time to time.

It’s a shame.
You’ve got quite a talent for it. This one might not have something spectacular but also has nothing to hide.
Plus, it’s violent free, so that goes as an extra bonus. :wink:

I just glanced at it and I thought her mother was pushing her

want whatever map that is

All hail the great leader, Adolf.

and then the mother got shot by italian blackshirts, leaving the little girl screaming over her corpse

This fucking owns, one of the best pictures in this section easily

Great colors.

Я думаю без персонажей картинка выглядела бы лучше :slight_smile:

I think without characters picture would look better :slight_smile:


It’s from mod Mission Improbable.