Before you buy or play on HFB servers.

For anyone thinking of renting or even playing on an HFB rented server I would recommend staying away from them. They have 0 customer support and our server has been down for 3 days now.
Thats it, short and sweet I just wanted to put this up here since I couldn’t find anything when I was looking into HFB and I want to save people time, money, and annoyance.



Mine has been running fine.

Running fine for me. No complaints at all.

me niether

What the fuck is the point of these posts? Who gives a fuck if you two are not having any problems, the OP obviously said THEY DON’T RESPOND IN A TIMELY MANNER. If your server is up and running how would you know how the fucking customer service is??? It’s not like they sit there running it for you manually. Jesus fucking christ.

HFB actually has decent support. Problem is they get DDoS a lot… Maybe you didn’t submit a ticket correctly?

The point is so that people know HFB are not bad servers, if you only saw negative comments, no one would go near them, HFB was having problems for a few hours yesterday, but it got sorted quickly and my server was back up and mods working correctly in no time at all!

Its like if your mother makes a bad dinner (just assuming you live in your mothers basement, i apologise if im wrong) you will point it out, but all the times she makes a good dinner you dismiss it!

While I have not had a chance to find out whether the customer support is on par I can say that I ordered a server a few days ago and within 15 minutes it was running. The control panel is very easy to navigate and has lots of features. After the steam update yesterday my server went down so I played around a bit and found out that I had to run the server steam update and then my server came back online. Other than that it’s a great host.

HFB had issues being DDosed yesterday during the day. Besides that I haven’t had any issues with my server OR their customer service. Make sure you are putting in tickets in the “correct” location. I’m sorry you are having problems but there is no reason to come on here and smash an entire company. They do monitor this forum as well. Hopefully they will see this and help you out.

Running fine for me, even during the DDOS support got back to me within an hour of me logging a ticket.

Have not had any server issues myself, a bit of messing around getting the mods to work again yesterday after the update but that was it.

Here’s why I don’t like HFB. From their terms of service:

Hahahaha - let’s see their TOS hold up against first amendment rights. First time they try to enforce that in court they’re going to get tossed on the street.

I am not an admin, however the server I play on “US WEST COAST 1” has been offline for 2 days now. i discovered this was an HFB server when testing the IP and ports

I’m not sure what type of operation they are running, however, it appears that they are a bargain basement operation. I emailed them since i could not contact the server admin in hopes that they would rectify the problem should the issue be on there side or contact the admin should the problem be an administration one. Of course and expected they stated they could not correspond with me unless i was a customer; however they have not addressed the issue. Obviously they have no redundancy in place and something is screwed with their port forwarding, probably have no idea how to configure routers and switches.

So, from my perspective they are crap, and as far as their terms of service, even if it would hold some water in the courts, well, since i’m not a customer, i can slander the shit out of them lol…

Just because someone said it before… Doesn’t mean its right. Take the time and click on that link so you can see what it actually says…
Actual text:

In terms of HFB… I have mixed feelings about their service. They do experience DDoS issues, which results in the occasional bit of server lag. Only once has our server been taken down due to DDOS, and that was when almost every Rust server was struggling. However, sometimes it is very annoyingly placed DDoS/HFB side lag. Like yesterday, after the update… I had to wait 3-4 hours to update my server, then have my mod (oxide) released by HFB to get the server up and running back to 100%. Even though my server was running and gaining players… I couldn’t run my plugins. Not too big of a deal I suppose…

Would I recommend them to someone else? Maybe.

Ive been using HFB for less than a week. no major issues. Yes we did have to wait a few hours for the oxide update, but when you pick the cheapest server company you do so understanding you may have to wait sometimes because they probably have a much smaller staff

I can’t recommend FPS too, but it seems HFB is even worse… Oh God I was considering change to HFB, but I guess the service won’t be better.

I would love see Garry and Facepunch expalin to ppl how they choose this few hosting companies? It seems a lot of ppl are unhappy but the choices are very limited, so why??? why them???

I wish I could say what I think without been banned…

Would recommend FPS over HFB any day. FPS has been pretty good to me and tickets have been answered, maybe not in 5 or 10 minutes but at least in half an hour to an hour. They have done some stuff I haven’t agreed with and not warning people but it ended up being fine in the end. Haven’t tried the others but I am sure all of the companies are having their own issues with the game because lets be honest, the server side software does sometimes forget what it is and pause for a few seconds. I think this happens once every other day if I don’t do daily restarts.

Can’t wait until NFO gets Rust servers going. Their customer service is top-notch.

Same here my server nulled and they have to give me another server location any suggestion on a new server hoster?

I had some problems setting up my server at HFB, i took a bit over 24H, no big deal really. Then ran fine for 2 days and then the server center got attacked by ddos. another 24 h downtime. (Since my server is in the netherlands and using a third party then this was not aimed at HFB servers alone and they really cant be blamed)

But after that, i`ve had 10 great days of up-time with no lagg or disconnects.

They are not super fast to respond to at support tickets but they usually do it within 12 H.Their answers have been good explaining the situation i am in.
For the price i am paying i consider myself a happy customer at the moment and would recommend them.

Both of the quotes I posted were in their TOS. Any company who thinks they can take action against a consumer for complaining about how bad their service is doesn’t get my business. And that $150 chargeback fee? Yeah, the first time that shows up in court here’s how it’s going to go:

HFB - “Well, your honor, the defendant filed a chargeback, so we’re suing for $150.”
Judge - “I don’t understand.”
HFB - “It says so right here in our terms.”
Judge - “Did the defendant win the chargeback?”
HFB - “Well, yes, but …”
Judge - “You’re telling me you’re attempting to capitalize on the fact that you aggravated a customer so badly that they had to resort to filing a chargeback to seek relief from your business practices?”
HFG - “Well it says so in the terms, and the customer agreed to them.”
Judge - “Reprehensible. Dismissed with prejudice. I find in favor of the defendant’s counterclaim for lost wages to be here today.”