Begeining of mod. First map.

So this is my handy work of my first real map. I’m the main mapper.

Keep in mind the textures are changing and I will add more soon.

lol. Predator texture)

so I am going to add more windows and an outside and a skybox and some other stuff.
feed back if you want.


Have Func_breakable and prop_door_rotaiting mainly.


Breakable_surf dont work for some reason.

Well, it’s full-bright. It’s… Pretty blocky… There’s not much detail. Well, to be honest, it pretty much looks like shit. Hate to say it, but well… A list of things to fix are that the textures are stretched, it’s bland, but hell, I guess it could go somewhere. I don’t think you spent enough time to warrant a thread though. Plus, please give us in-game screens next time, then they won’t hurt my eyes.

Those textures are horribly misaligned, and breakable_surf probably won’t work if you have a leak.

EDIT: Bloody ninja.

Read the section rules. All Work In Progress must be compiled.

Your thread might as well have been content-less.

For critics. Textures aren’t aligned, blocky as blocks get, weird sizes and overall nothing to show.

That’s what I do.

is there a theme for the map?


why are there CSS models if its a mod


infact there’s nothing here to critique. it’s an uncompiled room with 4 different textures

I’m not seeing any window/door frames. And why is the brick texture on the 4 walls stretched out? Stretching textures make them look nasty. I’d suggest you quit level designing for this “mod” and take a look at websites like or and learn from those tutorials. They really do explain in depth about brush/point entities, geometry, lighting, optimization, etc.

Show us your work when you actually have work done, this looks messy, crappy, and I don’t think it will work out in the end knowing you’re inexperienced.

This actually isn’t too bad. It’s blocky, but I think it would look alright in-game with textures, but you always want a good looking map, whether in game or not.

Perhaps before going in a big project as a mod you should try mapping small things and learning

ok… quite harsh I see. any way for all who are like “Textures are strached” they ar eplace holders
blockish for its not even half done. was looking for helpful advice. the theme is a house. And all the models are place holders, they will be replaced later on. So thanks for the helpful advice >:\

What advice can we give? what you have here seems to be about 5 minutes worth of work, those orange textures are to get the scale right, and won’t do their job when they are misaligned.
Put more work into it, compile your map and take pics.

Totally thread worthy.

Nothing too special, It just appears to be another generic beginner map. And post some ingame screens, fix up those textures, and add window/door frames.

Maybe you should just stick with Halo 3 forge mode.

Forge mode is harder than SDK, least I think so.
The problem with this map is it could go both ways, people can be as harsh as they wand but if you texture it and round some corners they’ll start praising.
Compile stuff and texture stuff before ever posting.

You’re an idiot if you think so. Placing shit in a 3D view is easy as hell, and even worse, it’s less expansive. You are stuck with what you have, and can’t make complex things most of the time.

I think your map is good, dont do what the facepunch trolls want you to do, Continue your mod/map, make a lua virus…

I bet im gonna get dumb ratings

There’s a fine line to giving criticism, we tend to err on the harsh side. Tough criticism weeds out the people who don’t have the determination to go on and make something good. If you think FP is harsh… if you took that to interlopers they’d tear you a new one.