Beggin For Mercy

original, if you’re interested.

that’s intense – finally, someone who can compose pictures!

And yet you dont comment on the obvious clipping, and otherwise odd posing, on soldiers left arm?

Image is pretty badly compressed.

Why are you so annoying.

no, because clipping is a minor flaw that sometimes happens

the pose is fine.


Very good, making me feel sad with the goofy TF2 moodels, well done indeed.

Remember to type jpeg_quality 100 into the console before taking pictures.

Yes how dare he ignores petty flaws and errors as opposed to the picture as a whole.

I’m not necessarily condoning against nitpicking as it’s easily noticed and fixed things, but it’s stupid to think that minor details come first as opposed to much more importance and blatant details and components of the picture as a whole.

69015 is known for being a dick shitting on some pictures because of stupid details. I think that’s why. Sweet picture, but the quality is reaaaaallly fucked up.

Anyway i’d hate to deviate off topic so uh

Composition and lighting are nice. Shading is good, but on the engineer’s legs it’s too defined. Posing’s a little shoddy in some areas (the soldier has a bad case of bethesda arm AKA raised shoulder and upper arm clenching against the side) but overall good.

One nitpick I have is the blood. Splattered on the walls and bleeding from his wounds is TF2esque blood, but the puddle beneath him is realisticly styled. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

He’s cocking the hammer, do you find that unusual or something?