begginner needs help!

hey i’m totally new to modeling, and im following the video guides built in with Softimage XSI 6.01. but the biggest problem with those videos is that they dont tell u what to do if something goes wrong! my model is supposed to be a card (with beveled edges for added realism), but when viewed in the HLMV, it shows up as a block. the textures and bevels are still there, but other than that the card is square, and WAY too thick.
if this isnt the right place to ask, could someone please redirect me to a better help site? im not even sure what i would google for something like this…

hmm it might be the proportions i guess. Try to make it more thin and compile it again.

Also, what kinda card?

oh i can assure you, its not the proportions, ive tried making it super thin, super short, super wide, everything.

and if you really must know, its a yugioh card, because ive noticed that there is a severe lack of anything yugioh on this website, and making a card just seems like it should be really easy.

but its not :frowning:

and please dont post JUST to say that yugioh sucks, because i know that there are a lot of people who do like it, my self being one of them. if u post to say that yugioh sucks, AT LEAST also give me something to try to fix the model, because yugioh cards arent the only cards i will be making…

Can you give us a screenshot of the model in your program and in hlmv?

Are you modifying the mesh itself or just adding some sort of modifiers to bevel it? Maybe the exporter doesn’t support the modifiers.

Oh please don’t give up on me, if I can’t figure out how to make this model, I’ll never be able to make any models!

You need to freeze your transforms. I don’t know how to do it in XSI, but that’ll fix your problem.

nope. i knew someone would say that, but its not that. i have tried that, and when it didn’t work, i tried it again. its not the freezing.

I FIXED IT! :smiley:
it turns out that it was the freezing, but i was pressing the wrong freeze button apparently! i needed to click on transforms on the far right, and select freeze all transforms, not freeze model history.