Begginner Question with nwhere to go?

Hey im making smething like a mouse aimed turret, Im using E2, I have a hydraulic to make it mve up and down. what Im wanting is for it to move incremently when I press it or move up when I press W and dwn when I press s. I really dont know what i need to do, i read the basics fr th 5th time, just help me out and dont flame fr me.

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u dont need E2 to do that…but as for the question im really not sure

Instead of e2 just wire the hydraulic’s ‘length’ to an Advanced input

yes sir


its perfect but i have to move it manually to get it to go otherwise is sticks any way to fix this?

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a wire facer and a laser pointer receiver? Off the top of my head that’s what I’d do.
Or just use an add and subtract gate with an adv. input connected to the hydraulics or something like that.

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Anyway, what you might wanna do is have a constant value and 2 time\delay gates plus a memory\up-down counter.Wire the clk input of one of the delay chips to s and one to w. Then wire the increment input to the w wired delay gate and decrement to the s one. Wire the length input of the hydraulics to the output of the counter. Wire the delay input of the delay chips to the constant value of 0.1. That should clear it up…

It took me 5 seconds to find this. Try youtube next time.

He wanted something to make something move incrementally if you want a BETTER way to make it mouse or laser is a vector thruster and a vector subtract gate and a gps.

Or use an e2.