Begin Purge Protocol.

How is this nsfw? Not sure what’s going on in the picture.


Awkward angle and composition.

Why such an incredible strong contrast? Why Blue-greenish tint and golden sand colours? It gives off a sick feeling (as in illness). It also annoys me that we can’t see who or what they are looking at. It’s just some guys clinging to a rope with a brickwall in the background.

it’s to attract people that do nothing but sweat over naked video game characters

It’s probably just you.

Idk dude, looks kinda dark on my screen, hard to discern what the left guy is doing

His gas mask part looks like a dildo : O



I don’t know why, i just felt like it should be said.

I really like it, nice job!

Very very bad posing . They look like monkeys. The editing is nice though.

Yeah, posing isn’t all that good.