beginner area

i think, in this game the big black spot was beginer and the heavily armed players are in same area. Then you can make of hacker valley a player starting aera and separate them with an impossible cliff back, few wood ans stone, one or two bear in this aera and the big amount of resource (and wood,green,red,grey box) is located near the road, this area could separate the player who starts those that make war, and add a fight with stone and little weapon and little armor in beginer aera, and be a little ready for fighting zone.
Sleeping bags and beds provide not return to this area when your death. when your dead you restart with start kit any way, you can be with beginner.



Though I kind of like this, we shouldn’t have first-time players expect the same easy-route in the actual gameplay of Rust. I feel like the community has become more sensitive and we don’t have enough dedicated players. Rust thrusts you into a harsh, unforgiving world and people more-than-often ragequit because they die and expect some easy way to respawn and get their shit back. I can imagine modders adding some type of area like this over the finished game (or even in beta), but I don’t think this should be added officially. We need the first-time Rust players to be forced to see just how bad things are in this game; let them know that this is the game they bought and complaining over chat isn’t going to help them. It’s all about survival; no questions asked.

tl;dr, no because we need a more headstrong community that will work for their loot instead of ragequitting

I would just go there in kevlar with a bolt action and M4 to rape their asses.

I wish we still had the “Bad Reading” rating.

Let me fix all these for you:

"Rust thrusts you into a world full of chicken meat, where there is quite no danger from the environment. People more than often ragequit because they are killed on sight for no specific reason, and they expected to be able to have more content than simply being killed by the first kid around.

It’s all about playing while others are offline, no questions asked."

Now, that sounds more like Rust. ‘unforgiving world’? Fantasies.

Essentials offers such an example for safezones

You can build a “safe zone” with some wood or metal. Enjoy!

the safe zone are completely useless, hunter of newbie players (the trendy sport of rust) is waiting for you far away with big gun (bolt action rilfe or m4 shoot from far…) you move, pooom ! your dead. we need a beginner aera where heavy armed player can’t entrer.

Regardless of the implementation, this notion goes against the very idea of Rust. This is garry’s blog post on the matter.

The game is not balanced or fair right now. Balance and fairness are things that will be added in the future. They’re on the devs’ to-do list, but it takes time.

ok thanks for answer but ^^.

"So what’s to stop you from going around killing anyone you want and taking their shit and becoming more powerful? Nothing. What’s stopping it from becoming a PVP killfest? You. Our job should be to give the players the tools they need. If you’re sick of getting killed – start a town. Build town walls. Give all the town members red clothes. Put warning signs up outside the town. Set up trip wires and alarms. Watch each others back.

Our job is to give you the tools to allow you to protect yourself."

i think geginner aera will not against idea of rust, and dont worry i wait and see any way
rust want split aera any way (rad town, player town, players tower, forest, plain), why not a spécial spawn and respawn aera.

Maybe you should play more strategically then. If fresh-spawns being hunted so often was a real problem, then every new player to a server would complain. I don’t mind at all because I’ve actually learned to play the game better. Maybe the people complaining should try to learn as well.

Maybe if people didn’t try and fool other people by hiding a treasure trove of supplies on a “naked” character with just a rock “fresh spawns” wouldn’t be hunted down so often. There is also the “classic” matter of apparent fresh spawns that pull out a shotgun/bolt action when people are lulled into a false sense of security that factors into why people are so quick to kill “fresh spawns”.

Cragbones, you becoming more powerful when you kill “naked” ? no, it is the opposite…
just for FUN they kill them, and what fun. It is “Our job is to give you the tools to allow you to protect yourself”
let us make a hatchet, a bow and cloth armor before come in battle zone with people with m4 and shoot gun plz, when you come on a server, all people are more armed than you ok, but the difference is very too big now, naked have no way to defend themselves against end game players with lot of friends or not. really no way except to wait a little, bad player gone to can restart with more 10 seconds of life. love it, better out of game and wait !
Months are spent and they know now people no fair (cheater have a part, admin have a part and devs (who let players do) have a part too, it is their game), devs must do a thing against the bad trip of players, you can say what you want a bad thing is a bad thing even with the good way to do it.
For now people is the big danger, more contents and the add of big beast or dinosaur, any way more dangerous beast, give more things to do and with a common enemy maybe stop that, but beginner aera will stop that one time for good.

I would see this instead: the more you progress in the game, the further away from one side of the island you’ll be attracted to.
Some things simply would not spawn often enough at one end of the island while the other side would have a lot more stuff.

They already have this. Its a plugin that adds safezones which are placed by admins.

Just keep playing, and soon enough you won’t be a new player anymore. Problem solved!

I don’t think you get it. There are people who are able to start up alone as a fresh spawns in high populated servers (Such as myself) because we honed our skills in the game. You don’t have to be amazing at the game, you just need to be strategic and stubborn. You completely exaggerate starting up like it’s impossible and that everyone sticks to one server to maintain their power. No one doubts that nakeds get killed often, but it’s not impossible for them to make comebacks eventually. Get used to it.

the entire point of the game is to be survival though. if they cater to everyone who wants an easier time in the game it will kill the game itself. its supposed to be difficult. thats the point. if the game as is is too dificult then it may not be the game for you. not trying to be condescending but this IS a survival game.

“You completely exaggerate starting up like it’s impossible”

it depends on the server you’re trying, I’m stubborn but 25 min to try to escape the death who cutting me 10 sec after the start, I try to talk and insult, well, other server, the same, by different group this time, try to talk and admin launches a debate on the shoot naked and kill in safe area, result wtf! then anothers …
No, I don t lie or add any things, you just to look at the forum, the beginner player ask devs to do a thing and older players who practice hunting noob, laugh and say that is the game…
hope devs still do a things. i have server where i had 1 month of play then i can say the fight is more interesting when it is balanced, band of loose, chain killing noob, raid when players are log out, admin abuse and cheater is a bad part of this game no a good (this a survial game or a kill off game then any fps ?) then start is the problème, in fps you start, take a gun an go massacre, in survival you need time to do that.