Beginner Needs Help

I’m new to making Gmod videos. I’ve made some before on consoles. What I’m looking for is a very good explanation or maybe someone could let me help them make a video so I can see what to do hands on?

A few questions:
Is there a way to animate bodies? Or do most people use stop motion recording to animate?

I know you can just grab a ragdoll and shake it around, but in some videos I see very good animations. For example, someone might move both their arms. Is it just 2 different people simultaneously moving the arms? Or would it probably be stop motion recording?

How do you have several characters on screen moving at once? Again, is it just several people moving each ragdoll at the same time?

If you could answer my questions or point me to a very good video tutorial I would greatly appreciate it. Or you could let me tag along in one of your videos :slight_smile:

For the animation you can use mutiple players or stopmotion or HAT tool (look it up on it’s a simple animation tool.

Or if you want to go really advanced try greenscreen.

I can also advise the Director’s Mod for create animation (analog of HAT), also you can try compile standart animations in the Faceposer Source SDK

Thanks. HAT looks great with it’s GUI interface. DMOD looks a little more complcated.