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If you have tried the game rust , you know that its really hard to get to know the map and learn how to navigate when people are shooting you in the face with m4 when you have a stone or finaly managed to craft a hunting bow. Well me and my friend tought so at first , and we wanted a server where people can get to know the game , ask questions without being laught at and just get to know the game and the map before we started on a hardcore pvp server with bandits and other people just killing you on sight .

So here is what we did , we rented a server from multiplay and we made some rules about not killing anyone who is naked and who is clearly not interested in anything other than gathering materials for their house or what ever they are crafting, we are making an pvp arena where people can practice shooting with friends or just some other people thats in there and we put a 30 people max on the server so its not over crowded. Its not a PVE server per say , but its a beginners learning server … so after a while when people have settled it might be a change of rules so that raiding and such can be practiced as well.

Its a nice way to start so that you can be a little less noob when you join a server where people shoot at you when they see you , at least you know how and where to get a gun fast , you dont have to ask questions all the time and you learn how to build a house thats not so easy to raid.

I’ve heard that the ressourse spawning is going to be more random , but for now you also know where to go and look for the materials you need to build what you want.

A little better for hardcore pvp server admins who dont have to answar the same questions about how do i craft and where is the best place to build a house , its fun for us to have a little more players on our server and last but not least its easyer for people who want to learn a littlebit about the game without getting killed every 3 minutes.

So if this sounds like anything for you give it a try at

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