Beginners Question

Hello everyone,

I’m new to lua and gmod scripting.
Im trying to create a Toolgun that spawns stuff in a predefined way. Therefore, I’d like to create a GUI that lets me pick all of the avaliable props, lights and other entities from a list and save that object in a variable.
Does anyone have an idea on how to do that? The biggest mystery to me, is the question on how to get the available stuff into a list in Derma.

Cheers and thanks in advance

You would have to define what “predefined” way you want things to spawn. Then I could help you more. If you are just looking for the DERMA panels though you will have to go to the following websites.

The ones that are blue are the updated ones:

To get the ones that are red go here:

Hey, thanks for your answer. I already know how to make a list in Derma. What concerns me, is the question on how to get all props and stuff saved into that list. And from that list, I’d like to select the stuff that I want to spawn. Therefore, I somehow need to get that selected item and set it into an Entity-Variable which will be used for spawning in my function.

By predefined, I mean to spawn the selected object with certain properties, that I already set up in lua. Its mostly about stuff wit physics inactive and so on.