Beginner's tips?

Hi there!

I’m looking to extract weapon (and player) models from the games Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield 4.

I understand this isn’t a subforum for talking about extracting models from games, but I just wanted to preface with that.

Once I have the models extracted, how can I go about implementing them into Garry’s Mod? I’ve entirely new to all of this, and I have no idea how to start. I also have to include textures and animations as well, yea?

Any tips or links to full guides would be appreciated.

If you have them extracted, the easiest way is to import them into Blender and export them as SMD files, after that you make the QC file for it and compile it with crowbar to make them into MDL files, where you will be able to put them into your game or release as addon, here’s a good tip: if this really is your first time, expect this to take a long time, especially if you have school or work, here’s the list of things you’ll need:

I suggest learning blender before trying to make any actual addons, here are some good tutorials:

For the rest, there are some good guides online on how to actually go over making addons / QC etc., but also the facepunch forums, which trust me you’ll visit a lot.