-----Warning, The following content… blah blah,Whatever, But I just wanna say it is a little disturbing, so If you don’t wanna see them because they’re disturbing… or just Shitty you can take another thread----------------------------

Okay,so This is my first Thread, first post too in Facepunch,though i’ve been here since now over 1 year exploring threads etc.

I wanna introduce you one of my last Pic from some kind of… Wierd movie called BEGOTTEN,those kinda movie that makes you puke, shit in your pants etc.

(PS : I’ve been working on ragdoll posing for now,one year,If you wanna check my lasts screens here they are by the way

and others, so if you wanna gimme some advices or else, it would be great and helpful.

Trolls are welcome I guess :v

If you wanna other pictures of mine,just PM me or tell it in that thread, I have made more than 50 screens. :slight_smile:

Ps: I deleted the fat guy scene, I think it was Too urly to show it.

i really like the second one.

but i didn’t expect to walk in and see a fat guy’s chode

The second one is really good.

haha at the fat guy

Thanks for liking. :slight_smile:

haha, Sorry,I’m a fan ofCinema Such as Lynch Kubrick Gilliam an’ Merhige etcetera, so I never Hesitate to show my arts,

I’ve got plenty styles of Arts,Like the one of Zoey

I only showed’em to french forums and friends I have (I’m a frog eater, I admit it. :v )

And other. :slight_smile:

lol +12.

"lol +12. "

To put a naked Fat guy hanging him self isn’t for kiddos. :v

On the internet no-one cares.

Except the soccer moms.



Except kiddos?

You mean the undercover FBI agents?

You got me. :v

Atleast they are innovative. What the fuck is that last one though.

How horrible it can be to be fat? :v

Nah, really,I made it, to show insanity in a kinda… Fucked up way

I’m sorry but these are…


Thanks for supporting my pictures. :slight_smile:

Or if you’re being ironic… I don’t know.

But if it isn’t the case : Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Another pic

/sees fat guy picture

Why do you alway focus on the fatty guy, there’s also other pictures. :v:

No sarcasm intended! :v:

I’ve seen some bits of Begotten, Isn’t it like, a really weird indie movie based on the Bible?

really innovative use of the Amnesia model for the “jesus” in Begotten