Behavior of resource.AddFile, resource.AddWorkshop, and FastDL

If I have an a workshop file downloaded and modified for my server, and the content in that file is specified to be sent to the client with resource.AddFile, and I have resource.AddWorkshop sending the file to the clients, what will its behavior be? I’m hoping it downloads from workshop and determines it doesn’t need the files from the FastDL server.

But what is the actual behavior?

Assuming you have added the workshop addon ( not the “file”, addon ) with resource.AddWorkshop and any custom content that is not in the workshop addon with resource.AddFile, it will download the workshop addon and any files you have put for download with AddFile.

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If the files you add with AddFile exist in the workshop addon you have added with AddWorkshop, then don’t add the files with AddFile.

So, in my scenario, it will download them twice?

That is, your last sentence could be rephrased as: If you have files downloaded via AddWorkshop, don’t add them with AddFile, too?