Behind the tree!

I used the map RP_apocalypse. A sniper shoots his head off.
I used gimp because Photoshop is like 700 bucks.
Any tips on head explosions would be appreciated.

Try not to be an ass.

Lots of wasted space.

Wat i put a bunch a stuff.

17 to be specific.

17 ain’t enough mang.
every part of the picture pretty much has to have a focal point in it.

kk so im gonna go put sum more stuff in it.

don’t crowd it with props, learn to use space or a lack thereof more effectively

you don’t need props everywhere for it to be good

Hows this?

cluttered, dark, and still full of wasted space

Well it IS an apocalyptic wasteland.

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what should i add then?

Use a better angle so we don’t notice all that wasted space.

I will change the angle tomorrow.


i don’t think you get it. this isn’t about how many props you have, it’s about how you use them


Needs some light.

Take a photography class. Then you’ll understand what they’re trying to say.

Or even just look up “rule of thirds” on google.

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they’re not “trying to say” it, you’re just not understanding.

Put your computer in the trash; there, I have solved your problem.

AS others have said, we’re telling you exactly what you need to know.

Look up rule of thirds, etc.

This is research you do on your own now.

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The handholding is over.

you forgot your Entities :v:

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(Something is missing from the original picture)

I can’t really see much…

darker than amnesia