‘Wha’chu talkin’bout, Willis?’

This is hilarious.

Fingerposing on that pistol needs work.

The dude about to get got looks he just shit his pants.

What the fuck is that thing behind him? Is that a civvie with blood splatter or the ‘fucked up face’ ragdoll from HL2?

Need to render your SDoF. Hit the button then make sure you let it be for a couple minutes. Older comps like mine (and yours, I’m assuming) generally need time to render properly.

:sigh: Okay I’m done. You are getting better, but start making friends with this thread.

I don’t control the fingerposer entierely : I knew the hand holding the pistol is strange, but I can’t do better (I will be better the next time)
The flashlight is just…a smg grenade black-colored :slight_smile: I’ve not got a flashlight model.
The thing behind him…Well, the “HL2 Zombie” model isn’t scary anymore : So i used a citizen model, with paint on his face, and White eyes, to do that a “little” scary.
The looks of the guy we see is about “What are you doing with that pistol ?”
SDoF crash the game.
Why ? well, here the answer :
Pentium III (1.1ghZ)
256mo RAM
ATI Radeon 1200

I will take a look at the “Want to post your picture…” thread, thanks.

disable multicore rendering

Always deactivated.

“Looks promising.” -Chinese construction dozer