Beholder of Insanity Episode 1

Hi guys,

Thank you, everyone who submitted stuff for me to use for this first episode. I probably won’t be able to post any episodes after this here on the Garry’s Mod forums, just because I plan to use clips from any video game, not just Half-Life and Gmod.

I updated this to be the YouTube link.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it.

Oh hey! That first one was scoutkings! :3

yep. I hope he doesn’t think I was being rude with the silly joke afterward. That is just my strange sense of humor. I know I was much more friendly on this version then on the sample version I made when I first posted looking for videos at least.

I’m sure he won’t mind

I love it, looking forward for the next episode.

Ha, wow. That was insane, great work. Perhaps not quite as good as your music videos but great entertainment all the same.

I cryed laughing

Careful Lamarr! Those are quite fragile! :v:

Too bad mine wasn’t included :frowning: Will mine be featured in the next episode?

How come its not on youtube yet?

Thanks for watching it and commenting guys.

Scoutking, I am not sure. From what I know is concerned with how they are going to handle the submissions of the videos for this. You know, the red tape, legal, crap that we wouldn’t even think mattered on goofy random machinima videos, but I know they know a lot more about that stuff then I do, so I will just be patient and let them do their thing. Hopefully it will be up in the next couple of days. If I am real lucky, they may even feature it for some time on YouTube. I hope.

MichaLT441, sorry, but you had posted it after I had already gathered enough footage for the first episode. Once the first episode is on YouTube, it will have a link to where you can submit your videos from now on, for the show. I will do my very best to try to use as many videos as I can, if only part of a musical montage, but I can’t promise I will use them all.

Also on a personal notice, I feel you could of done more talking between clips

Alright. By the way, I made a cheesy, and a little bit funny at the same time, gmod version of Fallout 3 gameplay, but I don’t feel like putting it as it’s own thread as I don’t feel like getting messed up by every single person that can do a lot better than me.

You can go and check it out if you want, Ray, and feel free to use it in the second episode, but of course don’t expect awesomeness. Which is why I think it fits for Beholder of Insanity.

Ok, they put it on YouTube now. I changed the link. The responses are pretty much sucking though.

they’re dumb asses.