Being a Minge was a lot of fun

Look at how far we have come in Gmod. Wiring primitive computers to contraptions to create automated turrets that can precisely pick off targets with one shot at huge ranges, hoverballs make anything fly, and hydraulics make things move up and down. Contemplating this reminds me of the good ol’ days of Gmod 9, which was when I first started.

The most fun with Gmod I ever had was when I first started. I didn’t know what noclip was, and just the idea of making explosive barrels chain react just about made me jizz my pants. Here is an epic story of Minge fun.

My friend and I decided to make a sky city. We took the cargo containers and made a primitive construct and linked them together with metal sheets. That was easy, now we had to raise it. We were not tall enough (No noclip!) to put the balloons on the top (they don’t even need to be on the top!) so we constructed scaffolding. The Shift+E rotate wasn’t around yet either, so everything was uneven and looked like shit.

After finally getting it to gain lift we would find ourselves dying when we hit the skybox ceiling from the rapid deceleration. Our solution was to use our improvised flying vehicles (Airboats with balloons) and park them in the garage of the construct, and sit inside it, holding on for dear life as we accelerated to the heavens, then slammed into the skybox.

This kind of experience felt like a dream and I quickly fell in love with Gmod. I moved on to more advanced things and even made a fighter jet (Only thrusters so it was a rocket) that could carry 2 people, the second person operated a TV guided missile (Thruster explosive rocket with RT camera)

TL;DR: Gmod was a lot of fun when you were a minge. What are your stories?

This really isnt my story, but its still a testament to how fun being a minge was :smiley:

I showed some of my friends Gmod in June of this year, and they fell in love with it. All they were doing was lining up Kleiners and shooting them with a .357 in SP. Even now that they have bought it and have it on their own computers, that still all i hear them talk about doing. Good times…

Yeah, flight was my whole reason for starting gmod. One of my friends had 7 on his computer and was slapping thrusters on ragdolls and what not. I remember laughing my arse off for hours at this giant windmill that had gmans flopping around on it. Towards the end we stuck two thrusters on the bottom of one of the graveyard crosses and we had it stable enough to hop around the map without falling over. Then we got all these crazy ideas to build mega-flying fortresses, but of course they all failed. Does anyone else remember how weird the welds were back then? All of our contraptions just black holed or were all wobbly. Finally, we would just get pissed and shoot each other until our ammo ran out. Then we discovered the old nuke swep in 9. We totally stopped building and just DLed weapons like crazy.

My birthing from minge to builder can be entirly pinned on the old moocow tuts. Those things showed me the basics of what you could start doing with gmod

and does anyone else remember being able to mag people to stuff?

also console coding

hmmm, i think the glory of the old days was that even simple junk ment something, it just wasnt someone elses mod making your sloppy baas work.

Hahah I loved spawning Klieners and blowing them up with explosive barrels, then marking spots on their ragdolls like it was some sort of testing facility.


And Desmerin, Moocows’ airplane tutorial is really what set me going.

I think we need an official FP Gmod 9 server just for the hell of it. I have Gmod 10 but I just want to have the memories of Gmod 9 again with friends :smiley:


cool story bro

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My first ever experience was in 2006 in my friends house, he introduced me to the game, I joined an online sever where someone had built a huge tower out of wooden creates, and being the minge i was I shot it with an explosive barrel, I got banned from that server :L

I’m a mapper anyway and don’t play Gmod very much, so I haven’t bothered to try a lot in it. Technically I still play like a minge especially when checking for errors in maps, but I rarely ever go online.

I first got gmod 9, but i cant remember what i did first, i remember spawning klieners, not knowing who anyone in the game was anyway, shooting them in the heads with .357s and attaching baloons to “various” parts of thier corpse. i dont think that was in 9 though. it was like being a caveman (remember those days? well you shouldnt) “ugh. wheel spin round and round. ug ug!” and “what does do? nnngh…” and even “haha… he touch penis… rofl… sexual poses no build. UGGA UGGA UG!” but those were simpler times and we respect that. imagine Gmod 12? yeah… no cavemen in that game!

I still play on gmod 9 servers occasionaly, because people take it far less seriously, and as a result seem to have more fun.

Ahh I remember the good old days, when my expections werent so high, thruster powered assisted jeeps were the best things ever, and of course the unforgettable time I spawned a cart, jumped on it, then balloon spamed until I took off. (I hadnt figured out how to change the balloon strength)

I remember that when I first figured out noclip was bound to a key (Before I found out I could bind anything to a key), the first thing I did was spam zombies and like 8 combine with pulse rifles or shotguns at the old raised platform in the Gmod 9 gm_construct. I kept replenishing the fast zombies, and even with Metro cops with SMGs and Pistols, they managed to hold it for mabye 3 mins.

sigh I wish things in gmod 10 could be like they were in gmod 9 where even a peice of junk was something cool and you didn’t have to make some autonomous sniper turret to be cool.

The days were I first discovered good contraptions are over, now if I am to build something, I don’t make it as good as it was in the old days because I care less and try less. I bet these days if I actually wanted to create something, I could do it perfectly and still have my old feat I had of having enough extra features on a simple tank to take out an entire server.

The first contraption I made was with a Kliener Npc a rope a turret explosive barrel and me. I will try make a video

I remember way back in gmod 5, or maybe 6. Where the spawn menu was really weak. And the tools were shotguns.


Also my first contraption was gmod 5, I spawned a box on the trainstation map of HL2(first one), and spawned wheels on it with the shotgun tools. And then screwed with NPCS.