being able to buy the game

so when do you guys thing well be able to just buy the game seems like everyone wants it; could have alpha and beta testers that pay to test the game for you

when it’s ready

thats a good plan CUZ hegets money of a thing that is not done yet he will do that sure so no. You and me and everyone is waiting for that game to come out but the release date is not confirmed yet so we CANT GET THAT RUST NOW just wait and see i whats gona happend

I literally cannot comprehend your post.

same here Del91

There’s a rating system for a reason.
There’s no need to tell everyone you agree with someone

Yeah, he’s right.

Here is why that is a bad idea.

First you will get hundreds of people buying it, and even though it will have Alpha or Beta written all over it. You will have forums full of idiots screaming about how the game is not complete and how they were ripped off, because they paid XXX for a broken game yah yah yah.

Second, We don’t know the time scale of how long it is going to be in alpha, So people that pay a one off payment of 10 bucks 20 pounds or 30 euros will do nothing to the cost of running servers to maintain that amount of players in an alpha stage. This is why alpha builds testers/players are small and to the select few loyal long term community members, the cost and resources are more manageable.

Third, this is Garry’s game and he can do what the F he wants to do with it. He has been in the gaming industry a hell of a lot longer than you, me and any other hotshot with bright ideas on what they think he should do with his game.

Oh and no I don’t have a key, so I am one of the many that is going to have to wait for it to go to beta or open beta, but you know what, I am fine about that. I have patience and other things I can do. Rather than hang out in a forum begging for a key like a the fat kid begging for more sugar filled yummies.

In fact I encourage Garry to add a rule to the ban list. Don’t tell him how to market his game or what he should be doing with it.

This person is correct

Read this, especially the bottom part.
Have fun accepting the truth and then spamming the same question elsewhere.

I for one would like to just pay for an alpha key like The WarZ developers did. 30$ got u a spot in the beta and a 24hr trial code u could give to a friend. It was very worth while, brought in disposable income, and guaranteed that profit be made wether or not the tester liked the game and would buy it b/c they have ready payed for it unlike the free testers.


agree with u 100%

it was literally 2 posts before.

Then again who am I. Only have a few years of JavaScript coding under my belt but dmn WarZ was sht in alpha due to hackers and over crowing tht couldn’t be controlled.

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By the way I said “30$ got u a spot in beta” I’m not even talking about alpha. Go derp someplace else

nobody even made an attack on your post why are you mad

While I understand what Seraphine said, and agree with that to an extent, I also agree with you. The game, being still in production shouldn’t really be open to all the public yet. Though there is obviously a good demand for it, so my idea (though I don’t expect anyone important to read or consider it, just putting my 2 cents in) is that they do a Arma 3 type thing. Offer the alpha at a cheap price like, 10 or 20 bucks then a free upgrade to anyone who did pay for that.
As for any F wit complaining about people saying what THEY THINK Garry should do… This is a forum. A place literally designed for conversation/ opinion.

Will this be buyable at the steam store?