Being able too see campfires from miles away

So I thought I would ask if anyone else are having the same issue before I report it as a bug, as it might just me or everyone.

The problem I’m having is that I see lit campfires mostly at sunset/night/sunrise from super long distance , sometimes I even see them through the tress/hill. Somehow the campfire loads before everything else and (Even before the house that the campfire is inside of)

Is anyone else having this problem , is it normal?

It’s always been like this, you can even see the player inside the house before it loads in. This should really be fixed.

I’m also noted that sometimes you will see the houses with doors opened. Then the doors (closed) load within a shorter distance.

Yeah. Just wanted to make sure that this is known and I’m not the only one =)

Same here don’t worry :smiley: