Being an ass in Rust, and how to fix it

Like most other players in rust, I do this because I can, and because its allowed by the game itself (as opposed to say, speed hacking).

  1. Combat logging. If some nutter comes running towards me shooting, I just close the tab. I’m not up for it. I was just out here gathering wood for half an hour and I don’t want to lose it. You shouldn’t be able to do this.

Solution: have players exist in the world for 10-20secs after they log out.

  1. Fortifying static building with crate spawns. A even worse offence, basically players will build a structure over the top of a crate spawn, with a sleeping bag in it so that only they have access to it. The worst kind is where they build non-destructibles, and they get out by abusing unstick (a command for valid situations, where you respawn with all your gear 100m away. This results in a select group of people who’ve got in early after a wipe and setup shop right next to a spawn. Within 2 days they’ll have everything. They become the ones that could otherwise break down their own fortress, while those without access probably don’t even have the grenade blueprint.

Solution: I don’t like the idea of stopping construction in these static towns - it’s a clumsy fix. I’d suggest multiple things:

  • Disallow unstick out of a situation of your own doing. Test by AI pathing from his sleeping bag to the unstick location. If its blocked by world and his own structures, but no one else’s, prevent him from unsticking unless he takes his sleeping bag.
  • Prevent cooking meat in radiated zones, or have any edibles become irradiated after a short period of time.
  1. Unstick. Further to the above, a player can break into a house by building a structure alongside it, and jumping in a non-closed over roof. This is fine. Being stuck in the strangers house because of this is hilarious, but it doesn’t happen because you can just raid the joint and unstick out of there. I don’t know how you fix this one.

This is planned

I wonder where you got #3 :wink:

Not much you can do with disconnecting when players can out right close the tab.

Building over a crate spawn/building is fine as long as their is access imo. People were able to get to the crate and fortify it before anyone else came attacking. Raid them and break in. If they have it roofed off as well and can only get whatever is in the crate by dying, then let them be. Theres several other crates in the world.

I never liked not having control of my character while waiting for the game to close and remove my character from the world. Will we be able to control our character while Dc’ing so we’re not a sitting duck?

This is more far reaching than you think. I’ve considered tons of exploits based around some ideas like these and similar.

I sent them directly to the staff in order to keep them from becoming public and ruining your alpha experience. Because I know most of the alpha ppl don’t have any kind of restraint.

Saying that there are several crate spawns is asking for a kick in the head. The incentive is there, with more and more players and less frequent wipes to build over every single one of them. If it can happen, it will happen.

As for logout, it’s simulating taking a nap, and in such a world you want to make sure you’re safe before doing so.

I understand where you’re going with this, but this is the internet. There’s no helping it with the 8 year olds playing mature games.

I’ve only pointed out those obvious things in the game that no one can possibly miss. Also, isn’t it better that all these things are nutted out in alpha? We are testers, after all.

You covered the core problems. people will find very inventive ways to abuse them.

Regarding the logout timer, we’d make it so you’d just type /logout or something and the game would automatically close after 20 seconds, if you just closed the window your character would stay in-game for 20 seconds without you being able to control it, not sure when this will be implemented though

Make Unstick require 1 minute of standing still or something like that before it puts you wherever it ports someone? I don’t have the game but I’d assume something like this would help alleviate that particular issue unless there is already something like that in place.