Being DDoS'd- Need Your Help

I got a server with Xenon. Some faggot came on the other day and said “Make me admin or you will regret it.” So I perma’d his ass. Nothing happened.

Another faggot got on today and said “Unban steamid [blah blah] or you will regret it.” Or some stupid shit along those lines. So I perma’d him and of course, the server crashed, obviously being DDoS’d.

Now, I haven’t done anything to interest or piss off anybody, so two little random script kiddies aren’t going to ruin my perfectly good server. What do I do to track these son’s of bitches down?

I know a little bit of hacking.

Also, this is happening as of 10/19/2010 10:16, if you didn’t check the date. So if you’re reading it around that time, it’s pretty urgent.

Learn the difference betweeen DDoS and DoS, then we talk

You’re not hosting it yourself? Then contact your host and ask them about it.

I know my difference from Dos and DDoS, learn to figure out what I got.

Check out the thread in the facepunch general.

Don’t worry, just panic

I wish I could help you, man.

Tell them to get a decent firewall?

They already took care of it… covered everything in the other thread.