Being in debt with a cyborg offers a number of implications.

“walk away, officers.”

Good work! I like it!

color copyright infringement bitch

shit now i’m in debt with a cyborg too

Everything about this screenshot is great.

Where can I get that cap model?

it’s from a pack of mw2 and frontlines gear.

give it a lil while to finish uploading and you should be able to download it. i’ll remove it in an hour though, need the space on my dropbox.

Music is kinda unfitting, but I like the image.

I found a link in the Lost addons section so you can take your link down :v: Nice pic too dude…

A tad too colorfull for my tastes, but it’s nice.

Swell poses and colors.

thanks guys!

What are those citizen ragdolls used in the pose?


jacket citizens, google it or something

I like the overall feel to this picture!

Nice work, really nice picture! The posing is very good and the editing nail’d it.