Being killed through walls?

Every day I log out inside the bottom floor of my house. Every day I come back dead. Everything I had on me gone. Are people able to shoot me through the cracks in the wall? Or is this the work of Hackers/Abusive Admin?

Most likely Hackers/Abusive Admin

today i killed someone clipping out of his house for the lols and giggles, when you sleep make sure you’re not too close to the wall or a small part of you goes outside, and that can be hit

Do You not forget to eat before going to bed? )

People do still destroy walls, kill inhabitants, take what they want and replace the wall. Its also possible that if you have a password on your door that someone could have cracked it.

Dude happen’s to me all the time :frowning:

It’s also possible, that when you log out, a portion of your body is clipping through the wall to the outside. I walked by a pair of feet sticking out of a shelter the other day. I shot them with my bow (for science) and killed him. To fix this, just make sure your not right up against a wall when you log out.

It’s fairly commonplace to clip through walls when you’re asleep unfortunately, if you have your home against a rock wall or some other sort of impediment to random passers-by where they can’t approach from that direction you should log off against that wall, otherwise just try to center yourself and hope you’re not sticking partially out of the wall. Also, make sure and store your items just in case, otherwise if you do happen to die you’ll lose anything you had on you. None of that will help you against people who are raiding your home, but these sorts of precautions are a good habit to get into.

If you have a larger home on a server that doesn’t have an abundance of C4 on it (due to recent wipe or inability to craft or what have you), you can actually use the gaps in wooden structures and your sleeper to your advantage. Craft yourself a few decoy large storage containers, and go to sleep on top of them in a room on an exterior wall. You’ve more or less set up a nice decoy room, bonus points if you stick some crappy loot in the chests to make it look like they have indeed found your stash. This won’t stop someone who has lots of C4 from poking their nose into every room in a 3X3 with storage containers in it, so put containers in every room if you can afford to do so. It’s not improbable that someone who wastes a few C4 on decoy rooms will assume you’ve got nothing worth stealing, and if you spend enough resources on these sorts of diversionary tactics it’s not impossible for that to actually be the case. :zoid:

There is an exploit (would call it more of a ‘bug’) that needs to be patched where the player is able to see and shoot through wooden walls and I guess can be done with metal walls also.